Comcast and BitTorrent; a Complicated Relationship

23 10 2007

From wetmachine:

So, in the short term, Comcast’s efforts to control its “quality of service” merely make life miserable for its users. Longer term, it also shifts the problem of moving large files around to every other network, trashes a legal delivery system that content providers have started to embrace, boomerangs back on Comcast, and sets the stage for either an extraction of monopoly rents or a standards war that imposes massive costs and inefficiencies on the internet economy as a whole. And that’s accepting Comcast at its word that it is merely trying to manage network traffic (without engaging in those pesky and expensive network upgrades) and that it is not (yet) trying to force users to stop using BitTorrent so they will buy video programming through its rival Video on Demand (VoD) system.

I offer up this article as a follow up to my post about Comcast blocking some internet traffic, including BitTorrent.  The article does a great job at looking at the implications of Comcast’s move – and they’re not good.



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23 10 2007
Comcast versus the Net « Scanlyze

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