Ben Stein is a Creationist

13 11 2007

Salon has an article about the battle between intelligent design and evolution in which they report:

I.D. will also be striking back in “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” a pro-I.D. documentary, to be released in February. Featuring conservative writer and political commentator Ben Stein, it portrays I.D. proponents as a group of iconoclastic firebrand scientists with the guts to go after the dogmatic Darwinists who have, the I.D.ers say, grown lazy and corrupt sitting atop a monopolistic theory with zero tolerance for dissent, within or outside of their ranks.

Stein told the New York Times that Darwin may well have been onto something with his theory of evolution, but that it is isn’t up to explaining the origins and diversity of life on its own. Plus, he thinks Darwinism leads to racism and genocide. If Stein had his way, he said, the documentary would have been called “From Darwin to Hitler.”

I always enjoyed Ben Stein on his quiz show, Win Ben Stein’s Money.  I knew he was a political conservative, but I never took him as someone who would accept such bullshit as intelligent design.

I can’t wait to see the documentary – expect a long list of logical fallacies posted here after I do.

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14 11 2007
The Postnational Monitor

Intelligent Design On Trial On PBS

You can watch it here, online, Nov. 16th.

22 11 2007

I saw him speak once at a conference, and I was amazed at what a sexist dick he was. He must be much better at writing words for other people to say, rather than saying things himself.

4 12 2007
Shawn Pitman

It’s funny how fast you can lose respect for someone. “Pi = 3.000!! TEACH THE CONTROVERSY!!” -I KINGS 7:26-32

When do we finally put creationism to rest?

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