Sherri Shepherd: Ignoramus Superstar

5 12 2007

Sherri Shepherd, who is a co-host on some show called “The View” exposed that she is not only ignorant when she comes to history, she is ignorant about her own faith.

Jesus came first.  Before the Romans, the Ancient Greeks, everything.  Evidently she’s never bothered to understand what dates labeled as B.C. and A.D. mean.  She probably thinks that B.C. means “Before Cheeseburgers” and that AD stands for “Awesome Diva”.

This is funny on at least two levels.  One, it is obvious that she is taking on a Bible-centric view of history, so it is expected that she would deny real history.  Secondly, her Bible-centric view isn’t Bible-centric at all because the bible blatantly admits people existed before Jesus.  There’s actually a whole book about it – it’s called the Old Testament!

You can read about it and watch the video clip here

In conclusion . . . my god she’s dumb.




4 responses

21 12 2007

You give her too much credit for even having a view. She says she never thought about the world being flat or not. She should have said she never thought. She not smart.


27 12 2007

Right-on. I still laugh every time I see how stupid she is – and then I cry as I realize that she is on a popular show, getting paid quite a bit, instead of being fired for being such a dipshit.

27 12 2007

Even worse, Sherri (and other learning-impaired folks like her) have a daily pulpit to demonstrate that ignorance is somehow funny and charming and something to emulate. Woe is us.

4 01 2008

Wow. I am not embarrassed for her. She gets paid WAY too much money to open up her mouth and babble out ignorant things. I don’t think she’s any smarter than a second grader.

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