Frank TV – The Plague NOT Inflicted upon the Egyptians

12 12 2007

A letter to TBS

To whom it may concern,

            I’ve enjoyed TBS and would like to continue doing so.  However I find that more and more difficult these days, thanks entirely to advertisements for your new show, Frank TV.  There was a point when I would have considered watching the aforementioned show, but your relentless advertising campaign has simply beat it out of me.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do I find that TBS airs one to two commercials for Frank TV every commercial break.  While some genius you may have in your marketing department apparently thinks this is a brilliant strategy, I would adamantly disagree.  I loath Frank TV.  I guess somewhere in the bowels of the TBS building, you have a man named Frank locked up behind a door labeled “Last Resort”.  What did your previously loyal audience do to deserve this plague you have inflicted upon us?  We’re very sorry.  Just please make it end.  I can only watch a man imitate George Bush so many times before I want to beat their brains in with a large rock.  Like finding out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, I was convinced I’d never know just where that line was.  Thank you for clearing that up for me.  As far back as I care to remember, advertising has been an effective way of promotion; of getting people interested in whatever product you’re trying to pawn off on them.  Let this history books note however that in the year 2007 TBS has invented a new form of advertising – a form which gets people interested and then proceeds to beat them over the head with it until they not only lose interest, but begin to despise the very thing you want them to like.  I really mean it – congratulations; this is indeed a fine strategy.  I imagine the dystopic world of 1984 with the looming every watching face of big brother replaced by the face of a middle-aged overweight American with a jack-ass grin.  It’s too late for me – the likelihood of me tuning into Frank TV is somewhere between the likelihood of Scientology being proven correct, and the show Frank TV being successful – but I implore you to stop the madness – and maybe you’ll premier the show without having alienated your entire audience.




*Update:  Letter recieved from TBS

Dear Viewer,

Thank you for your comments. I have passed your remarks along to the appropriate person for their consideration. TBS appreciates the feedback we get from our viewers. Thanks again for sharing your opinions and ideas with us.


TBS Web Staff




3 responses

14 12 2007

Amen, brother (in-law)!!!

15 12 2007

before you go and mail that to them, you may want to spell lose correctly.

18 12 2007

This needs to be turned into a commercial and aired every time a Frank TV commercial appears.

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