Mike Gravel

31 12 2007

I’ll admit something.   I think I’m a fan of Mike Gravel.  Now I know what you’re thinking – why support a man who has absolutely no chance of becoming president – who in fact admits that he has no chance and considers just a few percentage points a victory?  Well, I would not ask myself those questions here on this blog if I were not planning on explaining, so here we go:

Barack Obama recently said:

Let me tell you something, the real gamble is having the same old folks doing the same old things and expecting a different result. That is not an approach we can afford.

I agree completely.  Which is one reason why I don’t like Mrs. Clinton.  Her speeches, her actions, everything about her screams ‘politician’.  I’m one of those people that thinks we don’t need more politics as usual – we need a change in the white house that will actually affect change in the country (and the world).  While Mr. Obama is not as bad as Mrs. Clinton, he’s no Mike Gravel.  Mr. Gravel is not only advocating a change in leadership, but a change in how we go about running this country.  He is proposing a “National Initiative” – something which he alone is advocating.

Mr. Gravel seems to hold some pretty common sense positions – but positions that are nonetheless radical compared to the norm.  I recommend this interview to get an idea of how he thinks:

 Some highlights:

3:00 Vietnam and Iraq

15:30 Gravel on Nukes and Iran

17:50 Joe Lieberman is “sick in the head”

21:30 Gen. Patreus is a liar

24:25 “We got a religious nut running our country”

25:00 We will bomb Guantanamo bay

28:00 Meanmar and global governance

31:00 National Initiative and political theory

50:00 Marijuana and crystal meth

56:45 quality of vote, not quantity

59:30 free trade and south america

61:00 Where you’ve lost your sovereignty

A lot of what he says leaves me more than a little sceptical (granted, I have not read the literature about the National Initiative).  But mostly I’m impressed with his attitude.  He seems more concerned with doing what is right and what is needed than political posturing and all the related bullshit. 

Now, it is obvious that he won’t even come close to getting the nomination – but as he himself has said, it is just good that he is out there saying what he thinks needs to be said.  And god damn it, he’s right.  I think Gravel is maybe not a great candidate for president, but he can be useful in creating a national atmosphere for change.

I’d be interested to hear what other people think about his role in this race.  He has been left out from at least two debates – and of course at the debates he does attend he isn’t permitted to speak much.  If you’d like to see more of his speeches, just do a YouTube search for “Mike Gravel”.


Here are some more videos that are short:

 “the only thing worse than troops dieing in vein is more troops dieing in vain.”

“Hillary, your lips are moving and you’re lying”

“Addiction is a public health problem, not a criminal problem”




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31 12 2007
Presidential election 2008 |Republicans Vs. Democrats » Mike Gravel

[…] Deborah Charles wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptBarack Obama recently said:. Let me tell you something, the real gamble is having the same old folks doing the same old things and expecting a different result. That is not an approach we can afford. I agree completely. … Read the rest of this great post here Posted by […]

31 12 2007

Many citizens agree with Mike Gravel. His approach has much in common with a more recent plan for a Citizens’ Initiatives Amendment. We applaud his foresight and leadership. A hundred years ago, our ancestors achieved the right to use state initiatives to limit government
abuses in 24 states. Today, we must use nationwide initiatives to limit federal government abuses.

1 01 2008
Kifyttrium.Com » Mike Gravel

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3 01 2008

vote without remorse: vote for mike gravel!

12 01 2008

First of all !; MIKE GRAVEL wining the election is not as far fact as yo might think ,especially if, and I have no doubt that he will, keeps playing the fer play that he
does so far! I have been monitoring his campaign since September on daily basis . Not only that he has the charisma of a giant, but he is all so extremely intelligent and sincere . He’s transparent , prepared to tell the whole story any time to any body! you will not find him dodging the topic or trying to answer something he knows nothing about, in the way all the others P. can. ( apart of
R.paul , or Deniss K, )do! You ask them one thing, they answer another, while trying to make you look stupid in the end! There’s not a single case of Hippocracy. He is one of us, he’s a real person! See, just being intelligent, is no thing special , but having high IQ as well as having very,very,very highly developed EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, at the same time is just rare!

I live in Europe , and it wold not even cross my mind , to support a Pres. can. in us, ever! yet, when I came across M.G. , I knew he can do it!

Year’s ago, I earned my living playing T.H. poker . I played turnaments mostly. And prof. poker is the game that does not allow any mistakes , especially not , when you don’t have big enough bankroll required for th stakes you re playing . in My case , I wold need 10 times as much money , as I did! but I was good at ii and at the end of the year , I come out first .

See, by playing write all the time with no exception, the others start to respect you and will not battle with you so easy!
EVENTUALLY THEY START MAKING MISTAKES, they BLUFF a lot and letter push each other out , make no mistake bout that!!!!

It has all ready started, with other candidate’s , trying to destroy one another and chitin where possible.

Well, it will backfire to them , make no mistakes about that!!!!! and Mike knows that!!

and one more thing! Must check this link:http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/

12 01 2008

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but there is still no way he will walk away with the nomination, let alone the presidency.

3 02 2008

What a year. I started studying the candidates at You Choose ’08. My first look at Mike Gravel was his intro: The Rock. I had just watched some of those GWB (is an idiot) spoofs. And all I kept thinking as I patiently waited for him to do something other than stare at the lake: was dumb GWB stare. How presidential is that? I did go back later to take a second look at Gravel, because his fans kept telling me I should do so, based on my ideals. But I keep thinking of that Intro video and his age. I want some one younger and in touch with the realities of poor people in today’s USA.

If he and others had not done so poorly in Iowa, such as Clinton being at the bottom of heap, I might have felt safe to vote for him in my state primary.

I went back to watch some debate videos and was shocked that it was Gravel who blasted Hillary on her yes vote to Iran. Shocked, because at the time I first saw it I heard Iraq. I re-watched it three times and then spent hours researching the Iran Resolution. I feel really bad that I did not spend more time on studying Gravel. I think Kucinich’s heart is in the right place, but did not feel he has a shot at it~the USA is a bit too conservative for Dennis and Elizabeth just now.

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