The Decline of America

31 12 2007

The New York Times has a great editorial lamenting the loss of America:

Out of panic and ideology, President Bush squandered America’s position of moral and political leadership, swept aside international institutions and treaties, sullied America’s global image, and trampled on the constitutional pillars that have supported our democracy through the most terrifying and challenging times. These policies have fed the world’s anger and alienation and have not made any of us safer.

It’s a short, sad read – and probably won’t brighten up your day.




2 responses

31 12 2007

Interesting NY Times article – but I cannot help but wonder whether these things are actually not anything new.

Large powers have always acted like this.


31 12 2007

Indeed. But are you arguing that it is therefore OK? If so, that is a fallacious (not phallacious) argument. We should learn from the mistakes of the past rather than use them as justification for our actions today.

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