What I Killed Today

5 02 2008

What I Killed Today is a blog that has been brought to my attention by several readers.  It is the blog of a tech at a veterinarian’s office who evidently is required to euthanize animals of all sorts.  The blog is strangely fascinating.  It is a rather simple premise, but with much to offer.

Here’s a sample entry:

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

  budgie with a huge tumor in its abdomen.

  very old rat. so sweet, so kind. he licked me. i kissed him. he smelled like disease and dying. his kidneys had probably failed. his paws were covered in blood. he made me cry. i whispered to him.

  iguana with calcium deficiency.

  the most beautiful veiled chameleon i’d ever seen. metabolic bone disease.All of these happened within 45 minutes of eachother. None of us could understand.




One response

10 02 2008

Mitchell, I was loss for word when I read her posts. I dont think I could ever be in her job for more than a day without breaking down.

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