God Damn America and the Death of Rhetoric

20 03 2008

So what, you can’t say God Damn America now?  Rhetoric is dead?  What the fuck is going on? 

I’ll be the first to admit that I thought I’d be the last to defend a preacher against the media, but well, here goes.  There are a lot of fucked up things about this country, and Jeremiah Wright described some of them effectively – so why crucify him?

The media and politicians treat the American public as if we are 7 year olds.  As if we can only understand things literally – that the tools of rhetoric are just too complicated for our tiny little brains.

Maybe the American public is stupid.  But maybe it is only because those who have the microphone treat them as such.  If we’re going to grow up, it needs to start with those that we listen to.

Obama’s speech on race was good at pointing out that the issues aren’t so black and white (so to speak) – but the fact that the speech needed to be made demonstrates how stupid we actually are.




One response

20 03 2008

Let me just emphasize that this post is in regard to the much offense people have taken to Wright’s “God Damn America” speech – not his recent racial comments.

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