Compassion Forum Hosted by Bigoted University

15 04 2008

Jake Tapper reports that:

Both Democratic presidential candidates on Sunday night appeared at a CNN “Compassion Forum” at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania.

Messiah College describes itself as embracing an “evangelical spirit rooted in the Anabaptist, Pietist and Wesleyan traditions of the Christian Church.”

As such, its “community covenant” states that members of the Messiah College community “avoid such sinful practices as drunkenness, stealing, dishonesty, profanity, occult practices, sexual intercourse outside of marriage, homosexual behavior, and sexually exploitative or abusive behavior.”

Now we all know that Obama and Clinton are only a little bigoted (as they ‘support’ gay rights but do not support gay marriage).  Should they have agreed to appear at a school with such an anti-gay philosophy unreasonable belief? 

Their appearance at the school doesn’t (I would think) change how they feel on the subject – and therefore it shouldn’t matter where they appear because they have both been consistent and clear about their beliefs. 

I’ve also been consistant and clear on my beliefs – and I would not have agreed to appear at a ‘school’ such as Messiah College.  So why should I hold them to a different standard than I hold myself?

Then again, no one is asking me to appear anywhere, so maybe it is not a fair comparison.




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