Do you Believe in the American Flag?

18 04 2008

From the incredibly inane debate in Pennsylvania:

NASH MCCABE (Latrobe, Pennsylvania): (From videotape.) Senator Obama, I have a question, and I want to know if you believe in the American flag. I am not questioning your patriotism, but all our servicemen, policemen and EMS wear the flag. I want to know why you don’t.

Is this supposed to be representative of the American populace?  Is this the most important questions on our minds about Sen. Obama?  Dear God I hope not.

What the fuck does the question even mean.  Do you believe in the American Flag???  In its existence?  Well, I don’t know . . . I’ve never seen one, I think it is just a myth. 

And when did lapel pins become such a big deal.  Nowadays you can’t say you actually support anything, unless you back it up with a lapel pin.  I should start selling “life” or “oxygen” lapel pins.

So in conclusion, why would you ask such a retarded question (I in no way mean that to be disrespectful of actual retarded people, who are far superior to the woman who asked the question), and why, the question having been asked, would you include it in a debate, televised or otherwise?  I hate this shit.




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22 04 2008

I am totally with you. The mainstream media hit a new low on that debate. They do continually improve, however, at DRIVING ME AWAY FROM THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!! I thought Fox News was bad, but ABC, who was one-foot-into-the-same-hole before, dove in headfirst. The way the established US media operates these days is worse than sickening, worse than worthless. I am happy to say that, at least when John Stewart gives you the news, he clearly delineates between news and comedy, unlike the MSM.
We’ve got a long way to go in the US before we can convince anybody that our culture/media/political system are worth emulating. I have to think that the rest of the world looks up to us pretty much because of our money … well, globalization is leveling the playing field, so that’s going to change. Hopefully our awful … no, horrible … no, disgusting (I can’t find a word bad enough) media will change for the better, too.
Thanks for your entry on this disgraceful failure of the media.
– Tim

22 04 2008


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