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4 05 2008

Let me tell you something…..I’m a gay woman in Orlando and ALL, every single gay/lesbian person I know across the U.S., (and thats hundreds of people), are FOR Hillary and not Obama. I can’t name one gay person I know who isn’t for Clinton. That says something! Even the few gay Republicans I know like Hillary.

you people make more out of this than what is really there. Obama is a joke. He is in no way qualified to be President, and gay people are smart enough to pick up on that. Its not about “gay”, its about “qualified”. Give us some credit….we’re not that selfish…and we’re not idiots!

4 05 2008

So if a person doesn’t like to use labels, as you have mentioned..Obama does, then they are being bigoted?
Quite the opposite. I try not to use any bigoted terminology.
A partner is a partner, same sex or different sex.
A human is a human, regardless of color or nationality.
I’m 40 years old and can get along with those of any generation.
What disturbs me? The bigots.
This statement is aligned with bigotry toward age:
“It’s likely generational – he’s in his 40s, my generation, she’s 60.”
If you are basing the way a person chooses their words and implying that Obama looks better by casting stereotypes on people, due to his age…
he is making those close to my age look bad, as are you with your “generation” statement.

4 05 2008

I am gay also and every person I know are also for Senator Clinton. We know we can trust her. Obama will say anything to get votes and when Mayor Newsome asked Obama for support of his gay marriage plan Obama said no and even refused to take a picture with him. If you are guy vote for Clinton.

4 05 2008

I apologize for the incorrect grammar but you get the picture.

4 05 2008

Florida Demands Representation (FDR)

1.7 million democrats voted in Florida and January 29. 2008 and we need to get our delegates seated based on the outcome of our votes.

FDR calls on all voters, nationwide, to stand with us.

Please check out our petition and mail it in:

Required fields are just name, signature, city and state. (You do not have to be a Florida resident to sign.)


4 05 2008

I am President of the Gay-Straight Alliance at the University of Pennsylvania and every person I spoke with voted for Hillary. I also support HIllary.

4 05 2008

I’m from purple Missouri and 75% of the gay/lesbian people I know are supporting Hillary. We are loyal Democrats but plan to vote for McCain if Obama is the candidate. Speeches don’t impress us. We remember prosperity and peace from the 90’s and believe that Hillary is the best person to get us back to both.

A friend of mine is a gay guy active in Missouri politics. He is friends with Senator McCaskill and knows Obama. He said that McCaskill will barely use the word gay and that both she and Obama are way more reticent to support the gay issues than they promise on the campaign trail.

4 05 2008

I’m not gay, but I am for Hillary and I do believe she is “gay friendly” and it is as it should be. Obama with his previous(?) Muslim relations I can guarantee he opposes gays as do Muslims.

4 05 2008
Typical White Person

I think you may have your facts wrong. I’m Hillary’s age and do not have a problem saying gay or having openly gay friends or even working gays in a military setting. I just retired after 32 years (I’m 55), and I know many men and women who are gay. Oh, by the way, my son is married to a beautiful girl who is mixed. Where am I going with this. So far the democrats have done nothing but put labels on people. She’s not phobic and I’m not racist because I’m voting for McCain. She’s not at the Mint (true gays show your colors) trying to pick someone up nor is she ignoring the fact that everyone should be treated equal. I just like McCain. Less government = less taxes = better economy.

4 05 2008
Ian Costello

I am a gay guy from Chicago. I voted for Hillary! as a matter of fact;I made my my immediate family vote for Hillary and made two friends switch from Obama….I had ALOT OF TROUBLE With this but I FINALLY broke into them thanks for the help with that Rev. Wright!. One from Mccain (this one was easy).

4 05 2008
Not Provided

Please…don’t let Hillary bamboozle you! Hillary has gotten a free ride through this entire campaign. She’s said that everyone has gone through her baggage but clearly young voters and first time voters don’t know much about her policies and contributions as they would like. I am 30 years old and a new voter because I”ve only just become a US citizen. When Hillary was in the White House, I was in my early teens and I don’t know much about what happened policy-wise during those years because my age. The media has refused to report the information because they consider it old news and by default have kicked Obama’s tires more than they’ve kicked Clintons. Not fair and everyone knows it. New voters and young voters are at a disadvantage.

4 05 2008

Quiz: Which gay publication posted a blank page where Obama’s interview was supposed to appear?

Which gay mayor did Obama refuse to have his photo taken with?

Either you are not gay and are stirring turds or you are not paying attention.

4 05 2008
Alice Rea

Don’t even think about it.
Hillary all the way!!!!!!!!!!

4 05 2008

Are so many gays for Hillary because of the “great treatment” the gay population received under the Clinton administration? You do remember Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t you? Or how about how the Republicans declared open season on gays during the Bush years and Karl Rove marginalized them the same way Hillary is trying to marginalize Obama. As for Irene who promises to vote for McCain if Hillary is not the nominee, how does a 6-3 or 7-2 EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE SUPREME COURT for the next 30 years sound to you? Or does Hillary get so much support from the gay community because she demonstrates the mannerisms and stereotypical attributes attributed to gay females?

4 05 2008

Guess what? I would vote for a cockroach before I would vote for Barack Obama, supreme court or not. There is NOTHING that could convince me to vote for him and I’m not even gay. I’m just one of those white people who are sick and tired of his race card, his arrogance. his criminal friends and his empty useless words. His wife is also the nastiest thing I have ever been forced to listen to. The guy is a pig in a poke. Period.

4 05 2008

I have half a dozen gay friends.

The men are for Obama.

The women are for Clinton.

I’ve found it to be pretty stunning, actually — the split between these two groups.

Just a tiny data point…

5 05 2008

Well to the person so called herself Gay/Lesbian “Amber”, well God made you by birth either female or male. So the notion of I’m leaning toward having feeling for female or vis versa is strictly made up. So cut it off, and be who you are and not. Well know that all people leave and die which is our destiny. Do you know where you will be after you die? Grave is waiting for you, and follow by tourment of the grave, and then finally judgement day. There is no 1000 way, only two ways “Hell” or “Paradise”. I’m not the one who will judge you for your action, but God will and continue like that will receive Hell.

Politicians are the same, make false promise, few points gets kept by campaign promise; other thrown away. I like to believe in a change, and people to see new faces. Well it is time more than 400 years of slavery to get the higher position, people are rallying behind Obama, and seeing people of Hillary close fleeing.

At the end will see Obama shine to the top.

5 05 2008

i am not for obama, and i am not gay, but i believe that gays should have the same rights as every one else.clinton out of the three shows more compassion towards the gays than any of the three, obama flip flops and will say what ever to get votes, clinton stands her ground on any issues and doesnt stray to please whom she is speaking to.also most issues it really hard to tell where obama stands because he changes his mind or he does not get in to detale on most issues.he is a fake.

5 05 2008

Sorry, Gays should have the same rights as other criminals since sodomy has always been illegal between two people of the same sex until ignorant people were deceived by the homosexual lies that they were born that way! I encourage all to Google “gay pride” and check out the pornography in the gay pride parade in california. If that doesn’t open your eyes and make you sick then you better get on your knees and cry out for help!!!

5 05 2008

Uh. I’m gay, and I’m voting for Obama as he’s a huge supporter of the HRC. Whoever said “All gay people are voting for Hilary” is a complete moron.

5 05 2008

Our entire GLBT group voted for Obama!


5 05 2008

I’m leaving Bilee’s comment up solely because it is a good example of the ignorance that exists and why the candidate’s views on gay rights are important.

5 05 2008

If I might chime in here – here’s a gay person that’s 100% for Obama, has followed politics for years and has made not one but two contributions to his campain. That’s something that I’ve never done in the past. This isn’t about Clinton being a woman, or Barack being black, it’s about common sense that anyone should be able to see. Most people, in my opinion is supporting Clinton soley for the purpose of getting another Bill Clinton in office. That’s why I initially supported her. I later came to my senses and suppose Obama!

As far as experience is concerned the last time I checked Obama has served more time in the Senate than Clinton and has done far more for the United States. The fact that she was in the White House under Bill doesn’t make her any more qualified than him – let’s wake up here people!

6 05 2008

I see where the Gays and Clintons had my previous post deleted. The Truth of Hillary being gay has come out.
Do you want to be responsible for electing a Gay Woman President?

6 05 2008

Is it okay to be for none of the candidates?

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