A Christian’s Rant

8 05 2008

From Kade (i_kn0w_HIM@thesevenproject.com):

Sorry this doesn’t go with the statistics thing. But in response to Mitchell.

God created human beings to live with Him and worship Him, but he gave us free will so that we would be able to love. Because of free will, we don’t always choose the right thing, hence sin. Now, sin, unfortunately seperates us from God, which makes our lives miserable to an extent, whether we realize it or not, because we lack His presence in our lives. We were meant to live in His presence, if we don’t live with Him because of sin, then we’re like a fish out of water. Jesus didn’t die for our sins, He died because of our sin, because it was seperating us from God. It’s not a struggle between bad or good, or what you do, it’s a struggle of becoming to know God, and love Him, and being able to spend eternity in Heaven with Him, doing what you were created to do in eternal bliss, instead of being permanently seperated from Him and being cast our of His presence into Hell. The thing that most humans have a problem with, me included, is that we don’t want to submit to that high of an authority, and do what He wants us to do. But, we fail to realize that He is our Creator. And that’s the part of the equation that people need to realize to make the rest of it, the whole, sin, seperation, dying, salvation, bit make sense.

Every human has at one time felt a void in his or her life, something that wasn’t there, some love, or something that makes you feel alone. That is the seperation that you have from God.

Now the reason Christians view the rest of the world as ‘unsaved,’ or the ‘lost’ is because, they have not excepted God, and become a Christian, therefore, when called into Eternity, (according to Christians) they will not join in with the feasting in Heaven. They will be permantently cast into Hell, seperation from God. If any loving human being, seriously thought that that was going to happen to the rest of the world, then they would call the people who don’t realize it ‘unsaved’ as well. Not to diss any other religions, they have passion, they believe in what they’re doing more than some Christians I know. But I, being a Christian, despite their passion, still see them as the unsaved, just like they, despite my passion, still see me as ‘unsaved’(or whatever their religion says). It’s just this religion, is more than a religion to me ‘it is a relationship’ like has been said before. The relationship saves you, hence, the unsaved business.

I apologize for the rant. I really do, but I’m being rushed out of class, and I don’t have time to sort through it. Sorry, if I repeated anything. I really do respect you, and I hope that you eventually will look at Christians as something other than.

Once again, sorry for the rant.

This was left as a comment to the post “Christian Statistics” but I thought it was worth delving into here.

“God created human beings.”  Ok.  I never really thought of it like that before, but now it makes perfect sense.  Here I was waiting around for evidence and really all I needed was you telling me. . . thank you.

“Now, sin, unfortunately seperates us from God, which makes our lives miserable to an extent, whether we realize it or not, because we lack His presence in our lives.”  Maybe what’s really making you miserable is being made to feel like a worthless scumbag by a book that arbitrarily makes rules, breaks them, and then reinforces them again.  Just an idea.  I’m personally quite happy without the guilt.

“it’s a struggle of becoming to know God, and love Him”  I can see how there might be some sort of zen in this activity, but I find that there are far more useful ways to spend my time that getting in touch with my imaginary friends.

“Every human has at one time felt a void in his or her life, something that wasn’t there, some love, or something that makes you feel alone. That is the seperation that you have from God.”  Or, alternatively, maybe that’s you realizing that your relentless devotion to a buzz-kill has left you friendless and alone.  Maybe you’re just depressed and need to go to a doctor.  Maybe your priest abused you as a child leaving you incapable of having any real relationships.  There are countless reasons you might feel unloved or alone – and chances are imaginary friends arn’t helping you with that (because by definition, they’re just keeping you alone).

“But I, being a Christian, despite their passion, still see them as the unsaved”  Wow.  So let us pretend for the time being that there is a god, and that there is a heaven and a hell.  Let us also then say that you are right, and that that god would send a person who has never even had the opportunity; who would have no possible way of knowing about “christianity” – that he (or she, I don’t want to be gender bias when speaking of fictional entities here) would send that person to hell.  The person has had no contact with christianity and so free will certainly isn’t to blame.  This means that either A) your god is not all powerful becuase he can not stop an innocent man from going to hell or B) he is all powerful and can stop it but chooses not to because he’s a dick.  That’s my kinda god.

“The thing that most humans have a problem with, me included, is that we don’t want to submit to that high of an authority”  The thing that you seem not to realize is that you do, in fact, have a profound urge to be submissive – why else would you throw yourself on your knees and believe desperately in something so ridiculous? There is nothing, absolutely nothing in the natural world that is even remotely similar to what we call god.  As humans we know things from experience only.  We can think, we can infer, we can do all these things but ultimately we can only do them because we share common experience.  A rock, for instance, when dropped out of your hand in Zimbabwe, will always fall to the earth and not into the sky.  These observable phenomena allow us to learn everything we have about the world.  And what, pray tell, have you seen that would allow you to believe in an invisible, all powerful, omnipotent being?  I once thought something like that could be possible after looking at the Chinchilla, but ultimately decided against it.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, I appreciate it!




One response

18 11 2008

I fully believe that God is all powerful, however, i also believe that He shows restraint and will not go against His character. That He is a God of mercy but also a God of justice. When Adam and Eve were in the Garden they were in God’s presence and were in His will for their lives. God loved them very much and gave them free will so that He could have a relationship with them. can you imagine having a relationship with someone who was exactly like a robot? Their free will lied solely in one commandment, they were free to do anything except eat of the fruit of a certain tree. now that tree was created by God but why weren’t they allowed to eat from it? was that tree evil? by no means, the reason why they couldn’t eat from it was so they could show their respect and love for God by obeying His command, unfortunately they rebelled against God and ate the fruit from the tree. In doing so, Adam brought sin into the world and the immediate consequence was pain and death. now lets look at how God reacted to their sin.

Because of God’s holiness, He could not allow sin to live in His presence. However, God also promised a savior, “He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel” that savior is Jesus.

God’s justice could not allow sin into His kingdom as it does today. God wants everyone in heaven but their sin keeps them from His presence. Yet God’s mercy allows people in because His anger against sin in people’s lives was satisfied when He put all sin on Jesus when He died.

Jesus lived the perfect life that we couldn’t live, perfect in the eyes of God. and because of the sinless life that He lived, God’s character could not allow Jesus to stay dead.

So, God’s judgment has been satisfied through Jesus’ sacrifice. why is it that we must be Christian, in other words, why aren’t we going into heaven saying, “hey you took out your anger on Jesus, im in the clear.” what we don’t realize is that God restored the ability to have a relationship with Him. We are now back to the time before the exile of Adam and Eve.

If we accept Jesus and have a relationship with Him he will gladly accept us and help us with our lives, not taking away the pain that is still evident due to Adam’s sin but being there for us giving us power to go though it. However, if we reject God and curse His name why would He bring them into somewhere they didn’t want to go. if i say to God, “leave me alone,” or “i want nothing to do with it” why would God force them to have what they didn’t want.

The best way i can describe this is a story. sorry for the lack of realistic scenario but i love stories

A teenager was in a car accident that was completely his fault, the best lawyer in the world couldn’t get him out of the mess he was in, in fact the lawyer was the prosecutor’s lawyer. This kid was in a lot of trouble, he knew he was guilty for the totaled cars and didn’t have any money to pay for his weekly bills let a lone two cars. so the day of the trial came and the lawyer presented his case and the teenager had nothing to day in his defense. Everyone knew he was gonna get it, and he was found guilty.

then the judge reviled himself as the teenagers’ father and said “the law cannot be avoided but because i love you i will take the consequence upon myself” the judge satisfied both his judicial obligations and his fatherly obligations.

obviously the characters are us as the teenager, God as the judge, and the devil as the lawyer

God wants a relationship, Jesus died for a relationship, He died so that we can have an direct access to God. there was no more need for a temple to meet God, nor a priest to be our access to God. instead, our bodies have become living temples of God and His kingdom has become a kingdom of priests. too many times people mistake what a priest is, when a priest is the people’s voice to God that before Jesus they were the only way to God. now He has restored us to a relationship with Him.

This does not excuse sin in our lives, for Jesus said “whoever keeps the law, the love of God is complete in him.” I want to tell anyone who reads this who have had bad examples of Christ in their lives, all i can say is I’m sorry for what people did who were suppose to be examples of God in your life. I’m sorry for the wrong ideas the people gave you about Christianity, but I believe God lead me here to tell you that He loves you and wants the best for you, and wants to give you more happiness than you even expect could be possible in a relationship with Him.

I’m going to make an email address so that you can tell me how much you love God, or hate God, or how much He has touched your life or how much you wish He wasn’t in your life. I will be praying for all of you, God loves everyone, the murders, the fake people, the disappointing, the morally good, the morally evil, the people inside the church, and the people outside the church, and even the people in the other religion’s place of worship. God has you on His mind and is trying to bring you His promise if you will accept it.

God bless the email is

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