Some questions about Sin

12 05 2008

After some discussions I had over the weekend, I realized that I don’t understand the concept of sin.  It seems to me that the concept of sin is the underpinning of Christianity.  If you don’t have sin, then you don’t need Jesus.

But what is sin?  What is the difference between a sin and a mistake?

And if Jesus died for everyone’s sins, why do we have to worry about sin anymore?  And why do people have to go to hell for sins, again shouldn’t Jesus have covered their spiritual tab?

Are there Christians who don’t believe in sin and hell?

Just curious about other people’s thoughts on the issue.  -kate




2 responses

13 05 2008

Jesus died for the original sin – everything else is your responsibility.
My understanding is that sin is primarily the means by which the church castrates people, or in other words, how the church holds on to power and ruins peoples lives.

13 05 2008

Well now I am totally confused. I bet you will scream “that’s what I have been saying!” when you read this, but I don’t get this whole Jesus thing. If all he did was die for original sin, then what is the big deal? Seems like original sin, if it does exist at all, should be the most minor of all the sins, since nobody has any choice about that one.

Plus, if original sin stems from Adam and Eve, God says that the sins of the father will be visited on to the third and fourth generations, not forever. We should all be totally free and clear of that sin by now.

I thought that maybe this Jesus fellow was making a good offer if I could get cleared of all sins, but if its just that first one, thanks but no thanks.

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