An Awesomely Bad Idea

14 05 2008

In November, Colorado voters will get to vote on an amendment to the state constitution that would define personhood as “any human being from the moment of fertilization.”  Some people point out that this is a stupid idea that will have unimaginable legal consequences.  Others have pointed out that this is yet another example of religious conservatives trying to force their arbitrary “ethics” on all people.  In fact, the very notion of defining life as beginning at conception is relatively new, the earliest biblical mention of the beginning of life is at quickening and that the fetus is defined as “mere water” until that point.

But I say that this amendment may be the most brilliant thing ever.  I am planning on harvesting my eggs as soon as possible.  Then I can fertilize them and have them all frozen.  Once this amendment passes, I am going to be applying for welfare for me and my 30 “children.” And just think of the tax deductions!

Also, I think that this will mean that everyone can start drinking 9 months earlier since your life began at conception, not birth.  Same thing with driving, and being prosecuted as an adult.

Of course the downside is that I can be charged with manslaughter just for having an IUD and will lose all rights to my own body, but I prefer to look on the bright side.





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