My Beautiful Mommy

19 05 2008

I just stumbled across this on the interweb and I am stunned. According to the website, this picture book is “a must-have for any mother with young children considering plastic surgery.” I am hoping that he means that it is the mothers rather than the children who are considering plastic surgery, but it creeps me out either way.

The book explains that mommy is going to see a special doctor who will fix mommy’s nose and tummy. Mommy “won’t be different, just prettier.”

The thought of this book makes me want to vomit, but then I would have to write a book for my son called “Mommy Throws Up To Be Pretty Enough For Daddy.” Come to think of it, not such a bad idea. Look for it as part of my Hell In a Hand Basket: Children’s Books for the End Times





2 responses

19 05 2008

I’m horrified.

20 05 2008

I never liked children having self esteem anyway.

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