Assasinating Obama for Freedom – on Memorial Day Weekend No Less

27 05 2008

A pundit on fox news recently decided it would be nice to kill both Osama and Obama:

Sure – that’s a bad idea.  But what really pisses me off about this whole thing is the reaction Jeffrey Feldman had to it, which he wrote for the Huffington Post:

There is no question that broadcast pundits “can” make jokes about assassinating a Senator and a Presidential candidate. The United States Constitution protects freedom of expression to the extreme. But that is the wrong question to ask in this situation. The issue is not “can” pundits make jokes about assassinating Sen. Obama, but “should” they?

It is astounding that Americans should even be forced to have such a conversation, let alone on Memorial Day Weekend when we remember with respect the sacrifices of fallen soldiers. But here we are.

I have to wonder how many people there actually are in the U.S. who think it is funny to make jokes about the assassination of Sen. Obama? What percentage of the American population consists of people who think that the assassination of Sen. Obama–or anyone for that matter–makes for a good punchline? Is it 50 people? 75, maybe?

If there is indeed no question that broadcast pundits can make jokes about assassinating a Senator than why are you writing about it?  Why don’t you pen an article about the controversial idea that people are mamals?  We don’t hear enough about that one . . .

And I don’t think that it is astounding that Americans are forced to have such a conversation . . . mainly because they’re not.  You evidently (who are opposed to the conversation) are the only one who wants to have it, which is peculiar – wouldn’t you say?

And during Memorial Day Weekend no less?  How dare people be free to make bad jokes during Memorial Day Weekend!!  Couldn’t they hold off until labor day?  Seeing as though memorial day and this poor attempt at humor have absolutely nothing to do with eachother, one can only assume that you brought memorial day into the article as a miserable attempt to appeal to our emotion, which is a far worse offense than making a bad joke about wishing someone you don’t like were dead.

My guess is that the number of people who would find an Obama assasination joke funny is in the millions.  And i’m only talking Americans here.  That is, given the joke is properly crafted and is actually a funny joke.  The woman on fox news wasn’t so much telling a joke as expressing the idea that she doesn’t like Obama and that it would be better for her if he were not around.  I guess you, Mr. Feldman, have never used exageration to make a point.

But you don’t stop there, you take on freedom itself (and on this, our memorial day weekend, no less!):

The reason for a free press–for our free press–is not to degrade our political institutions, undermine our elections, and threaten our politicians, but to strengthen and sustain our deliberative democracy.

If FOX News or any other broadcast media outlet cannot live up to that standard, then they should shut off their lights, sell their equipment, and choose another line of work.


Freedom doesn’t have a reason.  That’s what makes it freedom.  If it were bound by a goal, by a reason, than it wouldn’t really be free – would it?  And so here you are acknowledging that Fox news is free to do what they want, but since you don’t like what they do, they should close up shop . . . interesting . . . that’s quite the complicated view on freedom you got there  . . .

Basically, it all comes down to this: 

Mr. Feldman, grow the fuck up.  On memorial day weekend no less!




One response

27 05 2008

No doubt bro! That is some funny shit! Like this:

and this!

Nothing is more precious to me that the freedom to say whatever comes into my brain!

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