Never Ever Talk to the Police – Words to Live by.

5 08 2008

Here are two interesting videos explaining why you should never, ever, under any circumstances, talk to the police.  The first is from James Duane, a law school professor, and the second is from a real live police officer responding to Prof. Duane’s comments.

And as a bonus, you can hear NWA’s song “Fuck the Police” after the jump.




2 responses

5 08 2008

Very interesting. I always am amazed that people talk to the police when they are accused of crimes. I wonder though if all of that applies if you are a witness to or victim of a crime. Clearly in those cases, you might want to talk to the police. Should you then ask for an attorney in those cases as well? I don’t think it would occur to me to not speak to the cops if my car was hit, but I suppose that even in that interaction I could get myself in trouble. But I also imagine that refusing to talk to the cops in those cases would also make it likely that they would not be interested in pursuing the case.

14 08 2008

NPR also just had story on this today. It was interesting to hear the detectives talk about all the things they do to get people to talk. It shows to me that the justice system is biased against stupid people. Whenever they say “you have the right to remain silent” just shut up!

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