The Presidential Candidate Debate Part the Second

7 10 2008

I’m watching the debate now, which is live, so you might say I’m live blogging the debate.  For those of you who have access to my site but not to the debate itself, never fear, I’ll sum it up:

Tom Brokaw:  Hi.  I’m a tool.  I’m going to mostly stick to the rules.  I’m not going to try to facilitate anything other than spin.

The Obama:  Now look . . . I’m going to play it safe and not say anything controversial – which means i’ll say nothing of substance.  So if John McCain wants to have a debate about me selling out than that’s a debate I’m willing to have.  That’s important for us to understand.

John McCain:  My friends, he hates america.  That’s not what i’m about my friends.  I love america, like you, my friends.

Random hack from the audience:  I . . uh . . . uhm . . well . . . there’s this thing . . . gas prices . . . why. . . you both. . . ?

In other news, the Obama is wearing an American flag lapel pin, while John McCain is not.  John McCain is also evidently left handed . . . and we know what they say about left handed people.  (Well, at least I hope you do, because I don’t.)  They did manage to fill the audience with people who don’t have anything interesting to ask . . . which is great combined with the fact that they evidently all suffer from a fear of public speaking.  But what do you expect, it is being hosted by a christian university (i know, that’s kind of an oxymoron isn’t it).

God I hate this.  What is wrong with an interviewer/audience participant/debate moderator saying to the candidate, “you didn’t answer the question” or “that’s horribly vague, can you be more specific?” or “according to this fact cheker you’re misrepresenting your opponent’s position”?

The only reason these candidates behave like middle schoolers running for class president is because we fucking let them.  When everything they say is an exageration, a missrepresentaion, or an outright lie – why do we let them?  Is it because we want to be lied to?  It must be, because I really don’t know why else we would let them get away with this bullshit.

Here they are, laughing at us for letting them get away with saying nothing.

Here they are, laughing at us for letting them get away with saying nothing.




One response

13 10 2008
Adam H Klein

LMAO. Thanks.

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