Presidential Candidate Debate Part the Third

15 10 2008

Why is John McCain blinking so much?  He looks like he just downed 6 shots of espresso.  Maybe he’s trying to look perky.

More thoughts to come . . . I know, you’re excited.

Seriously, McCain is creeping me out.  The debate has been pretty predicatble so far . . . but dear god someone get the man some eyedrops.

Why doesn’t anyone talk about how one of the main problems with health insurance in this country is that it is too expensive – and that it doesn’t need to be . . . bring the costs down god damn it.

And if McCain doesn’t shut up about Joe I’m going to shoot someone.  It might be you, so you’d better hope he shuts up about joe.

I love me some cavelier activity.




2 responses

20 10 2008

As you know I am not an American citizen. So I would like to know How does health sytem really works. I have seen some documentaries but I really would like to know from a person that lives in the US.

I have to admit it is very strange for me…

23 10 2008

It’s really expensive. That’s how it works. I have insurance, but with all the stuff it doesn’t cover, the percentages it doesn’t cover, if anything goes wrong it will cost me a lot.

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