Obama Administration Speculations

14 11 2008


Religulous – I Recomend it.

9 11 2008

So I saw Religulous today.  I went into it fearing that it would just be a movie that makes fun of extremists – and it is.  But somehow, it’s more than that.  It is in fact very funny – and very scary.  I recomend it, as long as you don’t expect anything other than Bill Maher being Bill Maher.

Looking to 2012

5 11 2008

I like that Sarah Palin has hinted that she will make a run in 2012.  I’m sure that she has a great chance of getting the nomination of the party that she just cost the election.  Hah!

President Obama

4 11 2008

John McCain just gave the best speach of his campaign . . . he really shouldn’t have saved that till now.  Oh well.  It’s great that Obama won – I voted for him despite my beliefs.  He’s not perfect.  He’s better than McCain . . . but how many issues do I have to disagree with him on before he losses my vote?  I guess now it doesn’t matter, I just hope he doesn’t fuck shit up.