Israel Bombs Gaza, Bush Blames Hamas

30 12 2008

Sure, Hamas has fired some rockets into Israel – but it is hard to claim Hamas is the one not upholding the ceasefire as you’re bombing them.  So far over 300 dead and an Israeli minister claims they’re not going to stop until they’ve proved to Hamas it isn’t worth it to fight.  Eesh.

And surprise surprise, the US is taking Israel’s side.  It doesn’t really matter which side is on the right (neither is) but since we gave Israel their weapons, it looks better if we support them.




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30 12 2008
Stephen Duplantis

Ignorance wrote: “Sure, Hamas has fired some rockets into Israel – but it is hard to claim Hamas is the one not upholding the ceasefire as you’re bombing them.”

So it’s OK with you for Hamas to continually ignore the U.N. (Sadaam Hussein did the same thing and look what happened to him!) and shoot missiles into Israel? And Israel should let them? You are a fool and an idiot to think that. I hope Israel blows Hamas back to the pits of hell where they belong and they take your anti semetic azz with them!


30 12 2008

I’m not an anti-semite, I just find it ridiculous for anyone to claim that they are in favor of peace as they are killing people. Hamas is in the same boat – no one is innocent here. It is disgraceful however to take the position that Israel is faultless – failing to take responsibility is one of the reasons this conflict has gone on for so long. Sooner or later someone is going to have to stand up and say that violence isn’t the answer. It might result in way less dead people if Goliath was the first to do so.

3 01 2009
Stephen Duplantis

You throw a bomb at my house, I will defend it. Look at history. The ONLY thing that keeps peace is superior fire power. The land was given to Israel and they should own it. No! You say? Then we should give Texas back to Mexico and the entire country back to the Indians. Why shouldn’t we? Because we defended ourselves and won with SUPERIOR FIRE POWER! The same thing Israel is doing to defend herself. Without it, every rogue wannabe will grab their balls and try to take over. It’s happening today as pansy azz liberals like yourself bury your heads in the sand and pretend the entire world is lovey dovey like you. That ain’t reality, friend so get a grip quick ‘cuz the world is changing and it is going to be as pleasant as you dream!!

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