Critisize Israel, I Dare You!

26 03 2009


This cartoon is sparking many claims of antisemitism according to The Raw Story.

For far too long anyone who criticizes Israel is demonized as an antisemitic asshole.  If some people have trouble separating Israel’s politics with Israel’s religion maybe that is because so does Israel.  If there are things in this world that are beyond criticism than we have a very serious problem.  Unquestioned support of anything is a dangerous thing and has the power to erode the moral fiber of any civilization.  Just ask the Nazis that were ‘just following orders’. 

And no, this post does not mean I’m antisemitic.




One response

7 04 2009

Even in my country, multi-racial and all, religion does get mixed up with many political decisions in a way because the people take religion close to heart. .
But that’s just how it is. . .
Maybe this is the world as it is.


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