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27 04 2009

Here’s another item to add to my already long list of things I hate about Comcast:

Why can’t they limit the list of channels in their channel guide to only the channels they’ll let me watch?  I don’t pay for HBO or any of it’s 87 spin off channels, so why do I have to scroll through them on the channel guide?  I have a feeling it is because they hope that I will see that The Princess Diaries is playing on HBO and that if I were only to order those channels I too could be enjoying it.  In reality it just makes me that much more bitter at Comcast every time I see the “for ordering info, please press “info”” message appear on my screen.

I understand, it is easier to just give everyone the same list of channels and let them remember which of the zillions of channels they are allowed to watch – but that hardly seems like good customer service.  In fact, I used Comcast’s online chat feature to ask if there was a way to limit the list of channels to only those I pay for, and after having to convince the customer service representative that I was not in fact having an issue with my remote (that’s always their first question, probably because their remote is the worst designed piece of shit on the planet) they eventually suggested that I try turning off the closed captioning . . .

It’s 2009 people.  It’s a digital service which means that somewhere there is a computer controlling what I see.  I know there is also a computer that knows exactly what I pay for.  Just link that shit up man!

And don’t get me started about the design/functionality of their DVR.  Sweet Jesus.




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28 04 2009

Thank you for the feedback. We are currently making improvements on our interactive guide. We will make sure that your feedback is shared to the appropriate department.

What I find very useful in accessing the channels I only watch is using the “favorites” button on the remote. Hopefully you will find it useful too. Here is the link on how to set it up.


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

1 05 2009

I’ll give Comcast credit – I was not expecting an unsolicited response to a blog post from them. And I appreciate the sentiment – and I hope that the “feedback” does some good.

As for the “favorites” suggestion, I find that that solution does nothing but shift the responsibility onto the consumer. When you get over 100 channels the prospect of going through and one by one moving channels into the favorites list is daunting to say the least. Work, as always, is what I’m trying to avoid.

That being said, please don’t cut off my service. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any of it, Comcast is perfect in every way.

29 06 2009

I agree with this comment. I just had Comcast installed Thursday, have been using DirectTV for a few years, and the first thing I noticed was the inability to limit my channel choices to “channels I get” as DirectTV calls it. I thought about doing the “favorites” thing but really don’t want to spend that much time in front of my TV Guide. I sure hope they take this comment seriously.

25 07 2009

I agree – this is totally stupid. I have HBO but not Showtime and Cinemax and many channels that are scattered throughout the channels I do have. Why can’t Comcast just show the channels I have? Or at least provide favorites lists where you don’t have to move 100s of channels over…so user unfriendly. I hate surfing through channels on Comcast.

26 08 2009

I just switched to comcast and I agree with you all. I had Dish Network and they let you create multiple guides per TV ie. “Kids” , “HD only” , “The WIfe”, etc.. Yes, I know there is a favorite button, and I did take an hour to program my favorite channels to button (you get only 1 list), but its not a true guide. Each push merely displays what is currently showing on your next favorite channel in a small box at botton of screen. You then have to scroll right to see what comes on next, or puch favorite to go to next channel. This sucks. By the way, the salesmans sold me on “On-Demand”. Come to find out it is not available in my area. Can you say LIE! PS. They did not give me a manual on how to set things like my remote up etc. When I called, I was told they no longer give user manuals as everything I need is online. All I have to do is go into “On-Demand” and choose help. DID I MENTION THAT THE ON-DEMAND I WAS PROMISED IS NOT AVAILABLE IN MY AREA! Now where’s that number to Dish Network!

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13 03 2017

get a life!

13 03 2017

Hi; I wish that someone even the gov. would stop this horrible deceitful, ripoff, corrupt “company”. Every time I get the bill they have added charges. Something here is very wrong. Why is it not improving. They are stealing our money, forcing us to have a billion channels that we do not wtch at all. Also, why are we paying for TV when the progrmas are paid for by the ADS!!! Who paid for the programming before Cable??? The advertizers!! Why am I paying when they are paid already???????????????????? I am Furious
Where is the COMPETITION//??
HELP PRESIDENT TRUMP!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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