T-Mobile USA has Horrible Customer Service

15 08 2011

I’ve always had nothing but good things to say about T-Mobile customer service.  I would call up and their representatives were always nice and helpful. 

That is until recently.  Fortunatly I haven’t had need of T-Mobile customer service very often, and was dismayed to learn that something has changed.

If you call tmobile from your phone (either their 877 number or by dialing 611) it doesn’t actually call anyone, but instead opens the t-mobile app which has links to things such as checking your minutes, viewing your bill, etc.  It then also has a link to dial support.  If you press the link, it will dial support, which is their new fancy automated system.

The system asks what you’re calling about.  It suggests you can say things like “check usage, pay bill,” etc.  If you ask for a representative it tells you that it needs to know what you’re calling about first.  No matter how many times you ask for a representative, it will not connect you.  And so you tell it what you want:

Me:  “android update”

T-Mobile:  “Just to be sure, you’re calling about hotspots, am I right?”

Me:  “no”

T-Mobile:  “My mistake.  Let’s try this again.  . .”

Me:  “software update”

T-Mobile:  “Just to make sure, you’re calling about downloads, correct?”

Me:  “kind of”

And finally it connects me to a person. 

I called a few weeks ago to get some information about different plans and their pricing, to see if there was a better deal out there for me and my rather unique phone usage situation (I need one line with text, voice and data, and one with just voice).  I explained to the representative what I wanted and no matter how many times I explained it, or in how many different ways, he just wasn’t understanding my simple question, which boiled down to, “are there any new plans which would keep the service i have now and lower my bill?”.  After offering me several more expensive plans, I finally gave up, thanked him for his time, and hung up.

And so now my phone, (G2X) didn’t receive the gingerbread update it was supposed to.  LG’s website has a way to manully update the phone, but this requires a Windows PC, and being a Linux user, means I can’t do it (easily).  So I decide to contact customer support.  I email them using an address I find after a google search and get this message in return:

Notice:  Important changes to our e-mail program starting Jan 10th:

You spoke and we listened!  Due to overwhelming feedback, our e-mail for Customer Care is transitioning to live chat support. We?ve found that you are more satisfied with chat, and get your issues resolved in less time with chat.

Starting Jan 10th, e-mail will no longer be available for support, but you can still chat live with one of our online specialists. You can also get online help from other customers in our Community Forums (http://forums.t-mobile.com), or use our self-service options in My T-Mobile (http://my.t-mobile.com).  As always, 24/7 support is still available by dialing 1-800-937-8997 or 611 from your T-Mobile phone.

Which means I can’t do it from my phone.  Okay, so I wait until I’m at a computer and I go to their live chat.  Here’s the screenshot:

Why suffer through the convenience of E-mail when you can have a chat service that you can’t access? 

Which lead me to call them again.  After going through the hoops of their automated service and establishing that yes, I actually had a legitimate question, I finally get through to someone.  This person seems both polite and competent.  She tells me that she needs to transfer me to another department.  I say okay, and she makes the transfer.  A few seconds later I am greeted with the sound of the call disconecting.

And so, I call back, go through the same rigamarool with the automated system and this time am successfully transfered to the ‘2nd level support’.  I explain the issue and am put on hold for 10 min. after which time he explains that the Gingerbread update for the G2X was pulled due to instability issues.  Which makes the communication from T-Mobile on their support forums rather confusing.

In any case, it is clear that T-Mobile wants to make it as hard as possible to actually contact support.  They make it easy to give you resources to solve your own problem, but if it is obvious that your problem is not one of their standard issues, then you’re shit out of luck until you have half an hour to spend on the phone.

Come on T-Mobile.  What happened?




26 responses

25 08 2011
po'd Tmobile Customer

I called several times and after speaking to an unintelligent robotic voice system, I was transferred all over the world to reps who could not help as they did not have the required information. I only want to add an extra line, and after an hours wait I am still on hold with a repeating message”due to the excellent response to our current promotions, we are experiencing a longer than normal wait time’!!!! I’ve been a T-Mobile customer since 1998!! What has changed? Didn’t Tmobile get bought over by some other wireless company recently?

12 11 2011

I share the very same frustration with T-Mobile customer service. I find it extremely painful 1) when I cannot get the option I want in the automated system that only addressed stupid questions like billing and minutes; 2) very rude when the stupid, dumb, idiotic automated voice tells me, “I am afraid I will have to disconnect your call”. Is this customer service? T-Mobile is horrible now & I am very angry & disappointed with their Customer Care. Wonder how I am going go manage having locked in the next 20 months? I am very frustrated & disappointed..T-Mobile needs to remedy this 611 situation immediately.

12 11 2011


18 11 2011

Same Problem here that everyone else is experienceing..It used to be good, now THEY ARE TERRIBLE..I’m moving on next august my contract is up…They threatend me tonight, and said ‘ well your contract is not up until August of 2012…I said, “thats fine, because after august 2012..I will no longer be deaiing with Tmobile…Too bad really, it used to be a great company!!
You know what though, its going to be the same thing with another company, because they are all being monopolized..’guess we will have to deal with the only restaurant in town until all of these companies pull it together…WHAT INCOMPETENCE…Maybe I will just get a gophone, I’m so tired of paying my bill ontime, and getting horrible service…

Good luck to everyone involved with this company, were going to need it…

17 05 2012

Lots of new prepaid service plans coming out (5/12) if you’re in a big enough market. I have Boost Shrinkage w/unltd. I am happy with it, but I don’t change phones alot and they are also totally automated. Good luck!

3 12 2011
T-Mobile Customer

T-MOBILE SERVICE IS TERRIBLE. WORST SERVICE EVER! They wouldn’t even listen to me and kept on blaming me for an overcharge that wasn’t even my fault! They even kept giving me attitude. T-Mobile service is as worst as its plans. It’s a RIP OFF! I’m never ever going to be a T-Mobile customer ever again! I HATE T-MOBILE! I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND T-MOBILE TO ANYONE! They put up ads that make you think T-Mobile is the best, but once you get a plan, it’s just wasting your money. T-MOBILE IS HORRIBLE.

3 12 2011

Tmobile sucks. As plain and simple as day. They’re money-grubbing assholes with little regard to the individual customer and their needs. Love sucking out as much as they can before the poor victims realize they’ve been sucked dry. Worse of all they will not admit it, no matter what. Crappy service, stupid add-ons, horrible rip-offs.

3 12 2011

oh and I fucking hate the contracts. Don’t fall for them. Ever.

3 01 2012

They used to be very helpful.. I have been with them over 12 years… I have gone over on minutes many time, I always pay my bill on time, and I have longevity; I would think that type of customer would be valued. THEY COULD CARE LESS…..they have obviously had a change in mind in who they want to be. As soon as the contract is over….GOOD BYE TMOBILE!!!!!!

7 01 2012
walter rossie jr.

What has happened is a Superior Court Judge has ruled that T-Mobile and other cell phone companies can no longer be sued in class action lawsuits. I have experienced the worst customer service in 7 years I’ve been with them. They have a new approach and as soon as my contract expires I’m gone! There’s nothing we can do about lies from overseas reps since they are now imune to threats of lawsuits. Even the local troubleshooters have been trained to play hard ball. Nothing you can do. The class action attourneys all direct me to write my congressman so they can return to getting fat themselves. I surrender!

25 03 2012

I am with tmobile for 10 years, their coverage is good, but the customer service is horrible. I was billed twice every month for the same service under 2 different categories, and I’m calling them for 4 weeks, and they admit that they made a mistake. But, they can only credit back for 60 days. So now whenever I call they keep me on hold for “over 2 hours” then they promise that someone will call me back, and this is going on for more then a month, and now them claim that they can’t give me credit anymore, because it’s after the 60 days. Horrible customer service!!!
I will make sure to post on my Facebook, twitter and wherever possible, people should stay away from T-mobile.

2 06 2012
Richard Goldsberry

I only recently signed up with T-Mobile after buying a mobile hot spot from them. After only a couple of weeks the USB port on the hotspot broke off inside while I was attempting to plug it in to recharge it. I went around for over an hour with the drones on the phone parroting the company line about how they can’t help me. They are also unwilling to terminate the account without charging me an arm and a leg. My advice to everyone is to avoid this company at all costs.

12 07 2012

I have had the same experience. After 8 years I am discovering the company has completely changed. They no longer offer any kind of customer service – everyone I attempt to speak to barely speaks English and simply reads from a script. Really a shame because I really loved T Mobile and have been very loyal to them. As soon as my contract expires I am gone.

29 07 2012

We were Suncom customers for many tests before Tmobile bought Them. In the beginning Tmobile was very hood and customer service was awesome. In recent træt the customer service as well as the reception is absolutely wiese than HORRIBLE!!!!!! The seem to have total disregard for their customers. As spin as out contract is up er ære changing companies tmobile is wiese than sprint and they were a serious NIGHTMARE. Id enouhg folk stop using their service maybe they will her smart and omprøve all around, money talks. LadyJ

30 07 2012
Toni Osbon

I was told that I was past due $35 for insurance that I never signed up for and after getting the biggest run-around, both at home and in the store, they said that would make the adjustment and send me their policy via e-mail (it would be a confirmation of the outcome of our conversation)…well guess what, I never got an e-mail and now I am more pissed than ever. In order for me to get out of my contract, I have a pay $200 or wait until Sept. 2013!!!!! And they are still charging me for the the fricking insurance whioch I have cancelled every month since last Sept. What the hell is going on? And who do I contact to right this greviance?

1 08 2012

I too have been a Tmobile customer since the beginning. Actually had a Voicestream sim card in my phone up until January of this year! The people in the stores a kiosks are very nice and helpful, but the customer service through Customer Care has gone downhill!! I was shocked this week when I had to call them and discovered that they have joined in with the rest of the world in outsourcing their call centers to the other side of the world. I was so sad!!

I bought 2 Exhibits for my kids on May 20th using a full upgrade and an early upgrade with a $150 rebate. I was denied my rebate on July 24the because I did not use an upgrade….. WTF??? Yes, I did. Phone calls with Tmobile support, rebate center, back to support, rebate center, then told to return to the store where I bought it. The sales guy that sold me the phones was there. My receipt said that I paid two upgrade charges of $18.00 each, and gave me the discounted phone charges. Said my contract was now through May 2014.

Well, it never went through the system correctly, so too bad! The store salesman was nice enough to fight it for me. After standing in the store for one and a half HOURS, and agreeing to moving my contrat day to that day (7/24/12 – 7/24/14 losing 2 months on my upgrades and contract is longer) they agreed to resubmit my rebate.

It was THEIR error and I had to settle becasue I want my $150. And try to get a higher up to reimburse me for my time and trouble????? Fat chance! I can WRITE a letter with my complaint I was told!!!!!!!! Really??? Write a letter???

I have loved them and always defende them when it came to people bad mouthing TMobile!!!! Done!!!! I will jump ship eventually, and it will probably be before my contract is up, that is how pissed off I am with them.

16 08 2012

Worst customer service! It is impossible to understand anyone working in customer service they should hire people that were born in America so they can actually be unstood! The serive in general is horrible they promise things then do the opposite!

17 09 2012
R Smith

I have been a customer for 13 years, yes 1 years and I have had it with t mobile. On 8/2/12 I purchased the Galaxy S 111. I came the following week but without a receipt. So far, I have called customer service 6 times, I even requested the receipt via CHAT. Each time I explained that I need a copy of the receipt to claim the rebate and for business expenses. It is 9/17/12 today and I still have not received the receipt. I even requested to speak to a supervisor, there wasn’t any available and they said a supervisor was going to call me when she or he was available. 2 weeks later and I am still waiting for that call. I am so ready to pull the plug.

25 11 2012
William Pannoni

Please have the right person me back to explain my problem while shopping at your Seekonk MA store.

18 01 2013

I think their customer service is the worse “service” I ever had. After I got connected with a rep,from India, who was nice and polite, I told her I was new user that just received a sim card for my iPhone. I wanted to move my number from Verizon to my phone with T-Mobile. I gave her the information she asked for, then said she needed my pass word. I would not give it to her because that pw is also used on other accounts. She said she had to have it to transfer the number. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She put me on hold for over 3 min. then the phone disconnected. I called back the next day, got someone else from India, I asked to speak to someone from the USA, I got disconnected again. The third day I asked for the dept to have my phone disconnected, I got an american. She was nice and tried to save my acct, but I said I wanted to get out of this mess. She gave me to Mike who was very good. I told him if he could get my number moved from Verizon to T-Mobile I would stay, but I don’t want anyone from India. I got a rep who sounded as if she was Philippino. I told her what I wanted and she said there is a ticket open and will transfer me to the reps handling it. I hung up.\

4 02 2013
Randy Nelson

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22 03 2013

f tmobile 14 months of bad. not once did I call and get what I needed. tmobile blows

1 07 2013

Anything negative on this blog in reference to t-mobile’s customer service is 100% ACCURATE!!!!! reception in my area is way better than any other company but everything else is horse shit,literally.

17 06 2014
Kenneth Puckett

service is this area has steadily degraded to low end dial up speed. this information was given to me by a tmobile tech after I had complained for several days about the limited internet services. Even after proving the poor reception they still won’t let me out of the contract and tell me how fortunate I am to be with them. Like others, I have been with tmobil for over 14 years, very content with customer service until recently. I will gladly leave them in Feb. next year, it won’t be soon enough. Wal-mart pushes tmobile, this should have told me something about where their buisness practices where headed.

9 12 2014
Nick Jacobs

I had an issue with my second line that i opened for my sister when she came to visit me. Apparently something was wring with calling out side the US and worst part, none of the T Mobile customer service lines was available. The one they claim is 24/7, complete F**** BS. F** U** T Mobile and your shitty service!!!!!

8 04 2016

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