Don Giovanni – The Right Way

24 04 2009

I stumbled upon this video of the final scene from Mozart’s brilliant opera, Don Giovanni.

What I like about this is the gratuitous use of women in bikinis.  That’s what I call opera!


Republican Teabagging Threesomes

20 04 2009

From what I hear the Tea-bagging parties held this past April 15th were somewhat of a let-down.  Which is surprising because while I have never been to or seen a tea-bagging orgy party, I can’t imagine how they would fail to be at least more popular than they reportedly were. 

Jon Stewart’s take on teabagging.

Ok, so whomever decided that encouraging people to teabag Obama was a perfectly benign slogan – well, it may be compared to the conservatives next great campaign – 2m4m.

Hallelujah! Governor Sanford is Praying for us!

23 02 2009

From Think Progress:

On C-SPAN’s Washington Journal this morning, Sanford [R. Gov of SC] received a call from a Charleston resident who said he lost his job because he has been taking care of mother and sister, both of whom have serious illnesses. The caller told Sanford he is “wrong” to decline the money. “A lot of people in South Carolina are hurting. And if this money can come and help us out we need it.” In response, Sanford could offer him only his prayers:

CALLER: I hope you all are not playing politics with this. People in South Carolina are hurting. You know how unemployment rates are high right now and going up higher. We are running out of money in the unemployment bank — we need money for that, the people that need help. And I’m one of them, I can’t get no help. […]

SANFORD: Well I’d say hello to Charleston because its home and I’d say hello to this fellow this morning and say that my prayers are going to be with him and his family because it sounds like he is in an awfully tough spot.


All I have to say is that I’m glad I live in a state where the Governor counts on more than prayers to solve problems.


ACORN, The Mouse, and Republican Asshats

23 10 2008
Hi, Im Mickey Mouse, and Im here to vote!

Hi, I'm Mickey Mouse, and I'm here to vote!

 So the republicans are raising such a stink about this ACORN business – but what occurs to me is this:  having “mickey mouse” on a registration form doesn’t really matter unless he actually shows up to vote.  Here are some other opinions:

McCain/Palin ’08

9 10 2008

These people convinced me that McCain is the only safe choice.

Enough said.

Sarah Palin Still Uses Hotmail

3 10 2008

And other things that make her that guy.

US Cities Ranked

25 09 2008

Here’s a list of US cites from best to worst most liberal to most conservative.  I live in 49.

America’s most liberal cities in 2005

  1. Detroit, Michigan
  2. Gary, Indiana
  3. Berkeley, California
  4. Washington, D.C.
  5. Oakland, California
  6. Inglewood, California
  7. Newark, New Jersey
  8. Cambridge, Massachusetts
  9. San Francisco, California
  10. Flint, Michigan
  11. Cleveland, Ohio
  12. Hartford, Connecticut
  13. Paterson, New Jersey
  14. Baltimore, Maryland
  15. New Haven, Connecticut
  16. Seattle, Washington
  17. Chicago, Illinois
  18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  19. Birmingham, Alabama
  20. St. Louis, Missouri
  21. New York, New York
  22. Providence, Rhode Island
  23. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  24. Boston, Massachusetts
  25. Buffalo, New York
  26. New Orleans, Louisiana
  27. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  28. Jersey City, New Jersey
  29. Portland, Oregon
  30. Daly City, California
  31. Atlanta, Georgia
  32. Dallas, Texas
  33. Hayward, California
  34. Madison, Wisconsin
  35. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  36. St. Paul, Minnesota
  37. Los Angeles, California
  38. Rochester, New York
  39. Memphis, Tennessee
  40. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  41. Vallejo, California
  42. Dayton, Ohio
  43. Bridgeport, Connecticut
  44. Springfield, Massachusetts
  45. Syracuse, New York
  46. Jackson, Mississippi
  47. Jackson, Mississippi
  48. Akron, Ohio
  49. Denver, Colorado
  50. Richmond, Virginia
  51. El Monte, California
  52. Pasadena, California
  53. Toledo, Ohio
  54. Eugene, Oregon
  55. Elizabeth, New Jersey
  56. Cincinnati, Ohio
  57. Santa Rosa, California
  58. Worcester, Massachusetts
  59. Kansas City, Missouri
  60. Kansas City, Kansas
  61. Durham, North Carolina
  62. Sunnyvale, California
  63. Alexandria, Virginia
  64. Fremont, California
  65. Tallahassee, Florida
  66. Pomona, California
  67. Lansing, Michigan
  68. Erie, Pennsylvania
  69. Savannah, Georgia
  70. Long Beach, California
  71. Sacramento, California
  72. Greensboro, North Carolina
  73. Hollywood, Florida
  74. San Jose, California
  75. Norwalk, California
  76. Lowell, Massachusetts
  77. Aurora, Colorado
  78. Columbus, Ohio
  79. Concord, California
  80. Norfolk, Virginia
  81. Salinas, California
  82. Columbia, South Carolina
  83. South Bend, Indiana
  84. North Las Vegas, Nevada
  85. Oxnard, California
  86. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  87. Portsmouth, Virginia
  88. Raleigh, North Carolina
  89. Pembroke Pines, Florida
  90. Burbank, California
  91. Glendale, California
  92. Stamford, Connecticut
  93. Austin, Texas
  94. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  95. Salt Lake City, Utah
  96. Tacoma, Washington
  97. Des Moines, Iowa
  98. Athens, Georgia
  99. Bellevue, Washington
  100. Hampton, Virginia Read the rest of this entry »