Iran in Space

25 02 2007

The BBC is reporting that

Iranian media say the country has successfully launched its first rocket capable of reaching space.

If true, this is sure to ruffle more than a few feathers around the world.   The possibility of them straping a nuclear weapon to the end of one of these is what is frightening to many.

I’ve always felt a bit of sympathy for aspiring nuclear countries.  Maybe it is because I’ve a general disdain for bullies.  I’ve never bought into the logic that it is ok for the United States to have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world (capable of destroying the world, many, many times over) and then tell other countries they better not even try to obtain them.  On top of that, the United States remains the only country to have used a nuclear weapon – and we don’t have such a great track record as far as nonviolence is concerned.  We invaded Iraq for practically no reason – why should Iran feel safe?

All I’m saying is that if I were Iran, I’d want nuclear weapons.  We should be setting the example, not being the biggest bully in the world.


Freedom From Religion Foundation vs. Bush

23 02 2007

Next week the United States Supreme Court will hear the case of the Freedom From Religion Foundation vs. Presiden’t Bushes Faith Based Initiatives Program. 

The court will decide whether taxpayers can sue over federal funding that the foundation believes promotes religion. It could be a major ruling for groups that fight to keep church and state separate.

“What’s at stake is the right to challenge the establishment of religion by the government,” Gaylor said.

Story.  Stay tuned for the outcome.

False Intellectualism and Religious Propaganda

22 02 2007

A prominent theologian responds to Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion.  Rather, he responds to what he wants The God Delusion to say.  Taking things Dawkins says out of context and refuting them is not only intellectually dishonest, but it is embarrassing.  I’m not saying Dawkins wrote a perfect book or that his arguments are flawless – but I would implore someone to debate his arguments, not their straw-men.

You can listen to the audio here.  The comments also have some good reading.

Jesus was a rape baby . . .

22 02 2007

CNN has this story of a florida college student who called police after she was raped.  The police promplty arrested her on an old warrent and had her spend the night in jail where they denied her the morning after pill (the second dose, due to one person’s religious objections). 

Which one is it?  Does god love rape babies or does he hate raped girls?

Rationality Evidently not what Americans look for in a President

20 02 2007

Sadly No had these interesting statistics:


It’s clear that this had a few candidates in particular in mind.  Barak Obama is black, they say Clinton is a woman, and Rudolph Juliani has been married 3 times.  I’m atheistic and I know some gay people, but none of us are running for president.  Yet.

That About Sums it up . . .

15 02 2007

Nina Berman took this photograph of a wedding couple, who got married after the groom returned from Iraq, after surviving a suide bombing.  It’s an interesting story and you can read about it here.

Senator Al Franken

15 02 2007

Al Franken is running for a seat in the Senate.  You can see his website here.  I hope he wins.  I also hope his career as a comedian hasn’t killed his chances of getting some cross-over votes.