Comcast – Get with the Program

27 04 2009

Here’s another item to add to my already long list of things I hate about Comcast:

Why can’t they limit the list of channels in their channel guide to only the channels they’ll let me watch?  I don’t pay for HBO or any of it’s 87 spin off channels, so why do I have to scroll through them on the channel guide?  I have a feeling it is because they hope that I will see that The Princess Diaries is playing on HBO and that if I were only to order those channels I too could be enjoying it.  In reality it just makes me that much more bitter at Comcast every time I see the “for ordering info, please press “info”” message appear on my screen.

I understand, it is easier to just give everyone the same list of channels and let them remember which of the zillions of channels they are allowed to watch – but that hardly seems like good customer service.  In fact, I used Comcast’s online chat feature to ask if there was a way to limit the list of channels to only those I pay for, and after having to convince the customer service representative that I was not in fact having an issue with my remote (that’s always their first question, probably because their remote is the worst designed piece of shit on the planet) they eventually suggested that I try turning off the closed captioning . . .

It’s 2009 people.  It’s a digital service which means that somewhere there is a computer controlling what I see.  I know there is also a computer that knows exactly what I pay for.  Just link that shit up man!

And don’t get me started about the design/functionality of their DVR.  Sweet Jesus.


Don Giovanni – The Right Way

24 04 2009

I stumbled upon this video of the final scene from Mozart’s brilliant opera, Don Giovanni.

What I like about this is the gratuitous use of women in bikinis.  That’s what I call opera!

Republican Teabagging Threesomes

20 04 2009

From what I hear the Tea-bagging parties held this past April 15th were somewhat of a let-down.  Which is surprising because while I have never been to or seen a tea-bagging orgy party, I can’t imagine how they would fail to be at least more popular than they reportedly were. 

Jon Stewart’s take on teabagging.

Ok, so whomever decided that encouraging people to teabag Obama was a perfectly benign slogan – well, it may be compared to the conservatives next great campaign – 2m4m.

Oh god, the homo storm got me!

17 04 2009

Colbert’s parody of the Gathering Storm anti-gay marriage commercial.  Priceless

Limbaugh Doesn’t Know ANYONE who has died from torture.

9 04 2009

A republican calls into Rush Limbaugh’s show and calls Limbaugh a brain-washed nazi.  True story – take a listen:

But what I find most amusing is Limbaugh’s comment:

LIMBAUGH: I don’t know of anybody who died from torture.

Is that his defense of torture?  That makes no sense on so many levels.  I don’t listen to his show ridiculousness so I don’t know if this is an argument he has made in the past . . . but sweet jesus.  Now I remember why I don’t listen to his show.

Quote of the Day – Jacques Rivière

7 04 2009

Romanticism aside, there is no other end to pure thought than death.

Jacques Rivière