Quote of the Day – Leo Tolstoy

17 01 2010

Patriotism … for rulers is nothing else than a tool for achieving their power-hungry and money-hungry goals, and for the ruled it means renouncing their human dignity, reason, conscience, and slavish submission to those in power. … Patriotism is slavery.

Leo Tolstoy


Stomp out Atheists in America

3 08 2009


Limbaugh Doesn’t Know ANYONE who has died from torture.

9 04 2009

A republican calls into Rush Limbaugh’s show and calls Limbaugh a brain-washed nazi.  True story – take a listen:


But what I find most amusing is Limbaugh’s comment:

LIMBAUGH: I don’t know of anybody who died from torture.

Is that his defense of torture?  That makes no sense on so many levels.  I don’t listen to his show ridiculousness so I don’t know if this is an argument he has made in the past . . . but sweet jesus.  Now I remember why I don’t listen to his show.

Quote of the Day – Jacques Rivière

7 04 2009

Romanticism aside, there is no other end to pure thought than death.

Jacques Rivière


Hallelujah! Governor Sanford is Praying for us!

23 02 2009

From Think Progress:

On C-SPAN’s Washington Journal this morning, Sanford [R. Gov of SC] received a call from a Charleston resident who said he lost his job because he has been taking care of mother and sister, both of whom have serious illnesses. The caller told Sanford he is “wrong” to decline the money. “A lot of people in South Carolina are hurting. And if this money can come and help us out we need it.” In response, Sanford could offer him only his prayers:

CALLER: I hope you all are not playing politics with this. People in South Carolina are hurting. You know how unemployment rates are high right now and going up higher. We are running out of money in the unemployment bank — we need money for that, the people that need help. And I’m one of them, I can’t get no help. […]

SANFORD: Well I’d say hello to Charleston because its home and I’d say hello to this fellow this morning and say that my prayers are going to be with him and his family because it sounds like he is in an awfully tough spot.


All I have to say is that I’m glad I live in a state where the Governor counts on more than prayers to solve problems.


Quote of the Day – William R. Inge

14 02 2009

To become a popular religion, it is only necessary for a

superstition to enslave a philosophy.William R. Inge

McCain/Palin ’08

9 10 2008

These people convinced me that McCain is the only safe choice.

Enough said.